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Replication & Consistency in Cassandra

9 minute read

Before we start with the consistency, replication and read-write operation in Cassandra, let’s first familiarize ourselves with what Cassandra is and its arc...

Satellite Image Analysis

7 minute read

Interpretation and analysis of remote sensing imagery involves the identification and/or measurement of varied targets in an image so as to extract useful in...

Setting Up Cassandra

3 minute read

Before we dive into the installation of Cassandra, let’s first familiarize ourselves with what Cassandra is and its architecture. What is Cassandra? Cassand...

Introduction to Remote Sensing

6 minute read

Remote sensing Remote sensing is the science (and to some extent, art) of acquiring information about the Earth’s surface without actually being in conta...

Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors

10 minute read

In this post we will dive into what are eigenvalues and eigen vectors, diagonalization of a matrix, symmetric matrices, system of differential equations and ...

How does volumetric integration work?

5 minute read

Volumetric Integration is one of the well-known and established algorithms in surface reconstruction. The long-term success of this method can be attributed ...

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7 minute read

This post will briefly walk you through the determinants, its properties, Cramer’s rule and some applications of determinants.

Orthogonal matrices and Gram-Schmidt

11 minute read

This post introduces about projection, orthogonal vectors, orthogonal matrices and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process.

Four Fundamental subspaces

7 minute read

This post covers linear independence, span, basis, dimension and four subspaces: Row space, Column space, Null space and Left null space.

Vector Spaces and Subspaces

10 minute read

This post covers vector spaces, subspaces and then provides some understanding on pivot columns, free columns and rank and finally finds a complete solution ...

Cassandra Data modeling

8 minute read

Before we start with our modeling, we must first educate ourselves with at least the rudimentary knowledge of Cassandra’s Architecture. Don’t worry we’re not...

Solving Linear Equations

14 minute read

2.3 Elimination using matrices In linear algebra, systems of linear equations are viewed as matrix-vector operations. Elimination is a method of solving sys...

Introduction to Vectors

11 minute read

1.1 Linear combination Vectors A vector is an object that has both a magnitude and a direction. But for our purpose, consider vectors as groups of numbers. ...

Using Pm2 To Serve Python Application

2 minute read

PM2 is a production process manager for Node.js applications with a built-in load balancer. It allows you to keep applications alive forever, to reload them ...

Zookeeper Security

1 minute read

The metadata stored in ZooKeeper is such that only brokers will be able to modify the corresponding znodes, but znodes are world readable. The rationale beh...

SSL Encryption

5 minute read

Encryption solves the problem of the man in the middle (MITM) attack. That’s because your packets, while being routed to your destination, travel your networ...

Apache Kafka Security

1 minute read

Apache Kafka is an internal middle layer enabling your back-end systems to share real-time data feeds with each other through Kafka topics. With a standard ...


3 minute read

SASL and GSSAPI SASL and GSSAPI are frameworks that various authentication providers can be plugged into. People wishing to use Kerberos authentication in a...

Introduction to Logstash and Filebeat

4 minute read

Introduction to Logstash and Filebeat Filebeat FileBeat is basically a data-shipper that belongs to the Beats family. We can install this shipper on server...

Kafka Server

less than 1 minute read

Kafka Server Security Configuring Kafka Brokers Kafka Brokers support listening for connections on multiple ports. We need to configure listeners and optio...

Kafka Schema Registry

less than 1 minute read

Kafka Schema Registry Security Schema Registry provides a serving layer for your metadata. It provides a RESTful interface for storing and retrieving Avro s...

Kafka Rest Proxy

less than 1 minute read

Kafka Rest Proxy Security The Kafka REST Proxy provides a RESTful interface to a Kafka cluster. It makes it easy to produce and consume messages, view the s...

Kafka KSQL

less than 1 minute read

Kafka KSQL Security Kafka enables companies to transform their business with event-driven architectures. They can deploy real-time data pipelines that organ...

Kafka Connect

less than 1 minute read

Kafka Connect Security Kafka Connect is a tool for scalably and reliably streaming data between Apache Kafka and other data systems. It makes it simple to q...

Kafka clients

less than 1 minute read

Kafka clients The configs for SSL will be the same for both producer and consumer. Create Keytabs for Kafka Client Refer SASL_Kerberos for more details. ...

Training YoloV2 in Custom Dataset

8 minute read

Without sounding too smart as if to describe everything of YOLO artitecture here, in this article I would rather show you a lame approach of plugging the cus...

Image Texture Segmentation Using Gabor Filter

4 minute read

Gabor Filters are known best to depict the mammalian multi-channel approach of vision for interpreting and segmenting textures. This article shows an impleme...

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